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A directional survey by Vaughn Energy Services will produce very reliable data that pinpoints the exact position of a borehole or well path. Our Gyro equipment is conveyed on electric line and sickline.The main objective of any Vaughn directional survey is to save our client’s money by determining the optimal method of drilling a quality wellbore, in the shortest time possible, under those specific circumstances and in that particular environment.

Click for PreviewVaughn product and service innovations mean you can always expect extreme sensor accuracy and outstanding data quality with a Vaughn directional survey. This means that any downhole sensor problem can be readily identified, and often fixed in real time without interrupting your operations.

Our surveys are able to accurately model and predict critical factors such as torque/drag, bit hydraulics, pressure loss output and coefficients of friction. And to develop a viable directional drilling solution for your particular project, we consistently take into account design and environmental parameters such as offset well performance, formation type, well plan trajectory and build requirements, desired ROP, hoisting equipment limitations, MWD/LWD working requirements, surface equipment limitations, and hole cleaning requirements.


Vaughn Energy Services performs wireline services to set flow control on various devices within an oil or gas well, as part of a clean-out process, or to place instruments that will measure temperature and/or pressure to get a clearer picture of the situation within the well. This is accomplished by running a single or multi-strand wire into the well.

Maybe most importantly, our wireline services can easily be performed while your well is under pressure. Production continues unabated during the exercise, and no time is lost.

Eclipse Wireline pressure control equipment used by Vaughn wireline services can withstand the harsh extremes of pressure up to 15,000 pounds per square inch and extremely high temperatures. It can also withstand the wide array of corrosive substances that inhabit an oil or gas well. The pressure control equipment used by Vaughn Energy Services comes in various sizes for various applications. Our smallest unit can be used in a borehole as small as an inch and a half in diameter, while our large units traverse holes as large as nine inches in diameter.




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